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Making An Impact

The Dollar Coffee Club (DCC) is more than great products and a financial opportunity. It’s a company that is very passionate about changing the world—starting with today’s youth.

More than pencils, papers or poster board, kids across the world need access to tools that don’t just help them learn—they help them thrive, inspire them and challenge them to reach their full potential. Far too often teachers have to reach into their own wallets to ensure their students have success to the supplies they need just to cover the basics.

We are so committed to making an impact and changing the lives of today’s youth that we are taking $1 from the purchase of every product we sell, every day and putting it toward helping the next generation—our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren—find success in the classroom, enjoy a better life and realize their potential in the world.

Together, we will change lives. Today’s it’s your morning cup, tomorrow it’s the classroom of your local school.

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