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Get Fit, Get Healthy with Dollar Coffee Club

Tired of weight loss products that drain your wallet, set unrealistic expectations or make empty promises? Stop taking the ‘Band-Aid’ approach to weight loss and take your efforts to the level with a system of products designed to combat three of the biggest contributors to weight gain: undigested fats and carbs, sluggish metabolism and poor appetite control.

Affordably priced and proven effective, give us 30 days, and we’ll help you discover a healthier, fitter you! *

Burn (Target Fat & Suppress Your Appetite )

Through the natural process of aging, our metabolism slows down, causing a downshift in our ability to burn fats and control our cravings.

This can be reversed through proper supplementation, bringing our fat and calorie-burning levels back up to levels we saw in our younger years. The challenge is, revving your engine (and weight loss efforts) without over stimulating your heart or keeping you up at night.

Accelerate the weight loss and appetite suppression of Dollar Coffee Club's Burn + Control coffee with an unparalleled metabolic stimulator Burn. Like your favorite Burn + Control Coffee, Burn harnesses the weight loss potential of caffeine and garcinia cambogia (to curb hunger and portions), while adding the boost of EGCG (to extend the fat burning), vitamin D3 (to target belly fat) and patented ForsLEAN (for fat loss, weight loss and lean muscle mass).

Burn benefits include

  • Supports healthy weight loss and weight management.*
  • Increases metabolic rate and calorie burning.*
  • Improves appetite control and reduced food intake.*
  • Targets belly fat.*
  • Promotes efficient use of carbohydrates.*

Exceeding Your Expectations

"We’ve taken everything you love about your Burn + Control coffee (the fat burning power of caffeine and the appetite control of garcinia cambogia) and combined it with EGCG, vitamin D and ForsLEAN® to bring you a Burn, a metabolic stimulator unrivaled in the marketplace."
— Monica Johnson, M. SC. Director of Botanical Research & Development


Consume up to two capsules twice daily. If you are unaccustomed to caffeine supplements, start slowly, then gradually increase. Do not consume after 2 PM as caffeine in the formula may make it difficult for you to sleep.

Each bottle contains 30 (two capsule) servings.


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Cleanse (Gently Flush Away the Obstacles in Your Weigh)

Regular cleansing is key, not just for daily wellness but also healthy weight management. Over time, undigested fats, processed foods, chemical additives and sugars accumulate in your body, suppressing your digestive and fat-burning processes.

This can create a toxic environment—depleting your energy reserves, compromising your immune system as well as your body’s ability to absorb key nutrients from your diet. Worst of all, it can often become reabsorbed by your body as accumulated waste particles leading to unwanted belly fat.

A targeted, triple-action formula primes your system by gently flushing away some of the obstacles in reaching your weight loss goals. Dollar Coffee Club's Cleanse, combines the power of Ayurvedic herbs and botanicals to gently yet effectively flush your systems (colon, liver and kidneys), improve nutrient absorption and keep your weight loss efforts on track.*

Cleanse benefits include

  • Helps support weight loss when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.*
  • Cleanses your liver to optimize the breakdown fats and absorb vitamins.*
  • Removes toxins and undigested fats from the kidneys.*
  • Promotes regularity and a healthy digestive system.*
  • Supports daily health and wellness.*

Exceeding Your Expectations

"Unlike other cleansers that only target your colon, liver OR kidneys, Cleanse uses a triple-action approach to improve the health of your digestive system in its entirety. Keep your body operating like a well-oiled machine, and your weight efforts on track with regular cleansing."
— Monica Johnson, M. SC. Director of Botanical Research & Development


Consume 1-2 veggie caps, up to three times a week, in the evening before bedtime. If you are unaccustomed to cleansing supplements, start with one capsule, gradually increasing to two capsules.

Each bottle contains 12 (two capsule) servings.


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Protein (Fuel Your Body Build Lean Muscle)

When it comes to fat loss and a better-looking body, protein is the king of nutrients. A high-protein diet can also be an effective obesity prevention strategy, not something that you just use temporarily to lose fat.

By permanently increasing your protein intake, you tip the "calories in vs calories out" balance in your favor. Over months, years or decades, the difference in your waistline could be huge.

With 19 grams of premium whey protein concentrate and enriched with superfood greens and a robust vitamin B complex, Dollar Coffee Club's Superfood Protein Complex can help energize your workouts, build lean muscle mass, support healthy metabolism and help you uncover your ideal body. Two delicious scoops are all you need to optimize your health—supporting strength and power during exercise and fitness training, sustaining your energy, and promoting a quicker post-workout recovery.*

Superfood Protein Complex benefits include

  • Suppress appetite, leading to reduced calorie intake.*
  • Boost metabolism, helping you burn more calories.*
  • Preserve muscle mass when losing weight.*
  • Provides sustained energy.*
  • Can help support weight loss when combined with proper diet and exercise.*

Exceeding Your Expectations

"Our Superfoods Protein Complex is a combination of fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants to help protect from lipid peroxidation, a benefit for weight management."
— Monica Johnson, M. SC. Director of Botanical Research & Development


Mix two scoops of powder with 8 oz of water, skim milk or yogurt. Shake, stir or blend and enjoy. For some variety or added health benefits, blend with fruit and vegetables or your favorite DCC product

Each bag contains 18 (33 gram) servings.


Cocoa powder, raw cane sugar, natural flavors, xanthan gum, stevia leaf and tapioca starch.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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